These days, if you can save time there’s a good chance you can save money. This is true whether you are at home or at work.

At home, saving time could enable you to do things yourself instead of paying others to do them. At work, it means lowered costs for your business or employer.

Unfortunately, not everyone uses all of the things they could be utilizing to save time. Here are some time management hacks you may not be using to help you both at home and at work.

At Work

1. Master Calendar

Turning your calendar into a master calendar is one of the time management hacks you may not be using. When your work and personal events are in one place it makes scheduling faster and simpler and there’s less rescheduling.

2. Scheduling System

When you use a task scheduling system at work, you can plan and prioritize tasks with ease. You’ll have no more paper lists to lose and scheduling meetings will be a breeze.

3. Meeting Agendas

Meeting agendas are another of the hacks you may not be using that can save you precious time. Use of a meeting agenda keeps you and other meeting attendees on track and moving along. Otherwise, important topics that need to be discussed could get missed entirely.

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4. Smart Phones

Some people must use their smart phones for their jobs while others don’t necessarily need them for work. Regardless, if the temptation is too great, set your phone out of reach. Check it only during rest or lunch breaks to get more done.

5. Timers and Reminders

You can set reminders in some scheduling systems and calendars to alert you of important deadlines. But another of the time management hacks you may not be using is timers for regular work. Setting a timer can keep you pushing forward as you work so you get more done.

6. Regular Routine

Did you know that creating a regular routine can save you lots of time? It helps you pick up speed because actions are familiar which eliminates pauses to stop and think.

Of course, everyone’s routines get broken now and then. When they do, the sooner you get back into your regular routine, the more time you’ll save.

7. Email Management

Another time management hack you may not be using is email management. This includes responding to emails only every few hours as well as using preset text scripts.

8. Batching Work

Batching your work is a time management hack you may not be using but could start. Working in groups of tasks prevents delays due to switching thought processes.

9. Saving Tasks

If you save tasks on your computer often you may save time. If your system goes down or the power goes out, you can avoid hours of rework.

10. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are tons of keyboard shortcuts you could be using for tasks you do often. If you aren’t using them, you’re wasting valuable time every day.

11. Project Templates

It’s possible you could be missing out on another of the time management hacks by not using templates. Although not every app has them, many do. Use as many templates as possible and create your own for repetitive projects to save time.

12. Multiple Monitors

At times when working you may have more than one application open at once. To save time, use more than one monitor. This will keep you from continually switching between applications.

13. Automation Options

Whenever possible, make use of automation features. This is another of the time management hacks you may not be using but could be. If you can set up repetitive duties to do themselves, you can save valuable time for other tasks.

14. Social Media

If you post social media, another great time saver is to schedule posts to go out automatically. This can help you get them out at regular times even if you’re busy with other things.

15. Tracking Time

Have you ever considered tracking your time? This is another time management hack you may not be using. Once you know how your time is spent through time tracking, you can find ways to use it better.

16. Urgent Matters

When urgent matters need attention one of the best time savers is to do them right away. This helps you ensure they get completed before your day is done.

17. Quick Items

An additional way to make better use of your time is to get through quick tasks early in your day. These tasks should be 5 minutes or less. Doing them sooner rather than later builds momentum and increases productivity.

18. Avoiding Perfection

Try as you might to do everything right, nobody is perfect. In fact, some projects don’t have to be done with precision at all. When it needs to be done but not perfect, don’t waste time trying to get it just right.

19. Setting Goals

When you set goals for your work and personal life it can help you manage your time better. Working toward something makes you work harder toward achieving it. Furthermore, to reach your goals you may manage time more wisely to get there faster.

At Home

20. Wake up Early

Waking up early is a time management hack you may not be using. If you begin working on time management at home, you’ll arrive at work on time and less stressed. This allows you to get more done in your day.

21. Prepare Lunch

Take your lunch to work to save money as well at time. Making lunch the night before is cheaper and saves time the next morning. This will help you get more done at work because eating there is faster than going out.

22. Choose Clothing

Choose your work attire each evening before work the next day. Having your clothes out and ready eliminates wasted time and speeds up your morning routine.

23. Look Ahead

Avoid surprises in your schedule by looking ahead at your calendar while at home. Doing this can help you save time the next day. You’ll no longer have to scramble to prepare for meetings or appointments.

24. Eat Well

In order to make the most of your day each day you should eat well. Healthy meals can increase your alertness helping you use your time better.

25. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise during off work hours is another time management hack you may not be using. When you exercise, oxygen invigorates you and promotes good health. In turn, being healthy reduces lost time at work from health issues.

get more sleep

26. Get Sleep

If you short yourself on sleep there’s a good chance you aren’t being as productive as you could be. To use your time better at work and get more done, get plenty of rest. This makes you more alert and able to work faster.

27. Take Breaks

Believe it or not, taking a break from work can help you with time management. When you get time away you can rest, relax, and come back to work raring to go. Work speeds will increase and so will efficiency and productivity.

Using time wisely is something we should all do whether at home or at work. If you haven’t tried these time management hacks, put some of them into practice today. You may find yourself achieving greater success in all areas of your life.