If you need a family tradition to put on the calendar this summer, what about a summer road trip? Roadside attractions, rural scenery, and even the constant “Are we there yet” are all part of the fun.

Compared to travel by air or train, road trips also make it easier to practice social distancing. Plan one post haste using your online calendar: Summers don’t last forever, and we could all use some stress relief right now.

Take Your Online Calendar for a Spin Today

Even the best calendar app can’t drive the car, but it can help you get wherever you’re going in a lot of other ways. Here are nine ways online calendars like AnyDo Calendar or ClickUp Calendar can make life a highway:

1. Tune-Up Your Wheels

Before you start driving across state lines, you need to make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Nothing will ruin a summer road trip faster than car troubles. Make sure your ride is as ready for the trip as you are.

With an online calendar, you can schedule oil changes, tire rotations, and any other repairs you might need to ensure a smooth ride. You don’t want to worry about those things at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

2. Cover Your Bases at Home

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean you’re completely free from responsibilities. Before you embark on your trip, you’ll need to get your affairs in order. This means asking for time off from work, getting your house straightened up, and potentially finding a pet-sitter.

Tie up loose ends as soon as you can once the dates of your trip are set. Set reminders in your online calendar so you can knock them out efficiently. That way, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about what’s going on at home.

3. Pack Your Bags

Embarking on a road trip will take some packing. A change of clothes, travel snacks and other necessities will make the drive comfortable and enjoyable. And there are certain items you simply can’t forget, such as your toothbrush and phone charger.

Your online calendar will serve as the perfect reminder to double-check your bags before departure. Use the Notes field to remind yourself of what you need to pack the day of.

4. Depart on Time

Especially if you have kids, getting out of the house on time can be a heavy lift. Designate a departure time, and set multiple reminders in your online calendar to keep you on schedule. Consider adding your trip companions to the event so they receive the reminders as well.

5. Switch up the Entertainment

As fun as road trips can be, they can also get boring. Use music, podcasts, and audiobooks to keep everyone entertained.

Try this: Set an hourly reminder in your calendar for the days you’ll be on the road. Every hour, someone new can take control of the dial. Keep it fair, and there shouldn’t be any complaints about having to listen to Lady Gaga all day.

6. Plan Some Side-Trips

A true summer road trip isn’t about the beginning and the end; it’s about the journey in between. On the road to your destination, there will be some hidden gems you can stop and admire. Look these up ahead of time to ensure you can make time for them.

The best part is, there’s something for everyone on the road. Museums, roadside attractions, and historic restaurants are family favorites. Add location-based events to your calendar so you remember to make the stop.

7. Remember to Stretch Your Legs

Have you ever driven through Kansas? Summer road trips can be grueling when there’s not much to do or see for hours on end. Scheduling frequent breaks can make the trip that much more enjoyable.

Scheduling bathroom breaks might sound a little silly, but the occasional stop to stretch is a smart idea. Plan periodic breaks to walk around in your online calendar.

8. Check Reservation Times

Whether you’re planning to check into a hotel or spend the night at a campsite, you’ll want to keep track of check-in and check-out times. Otherwise, you could all be stuck sleeping in the car.

You can keep track of reservations in your online calendar. If you expect to arrive before a hotel’s check-in time, you can plan to hit up a restaurant or see some sights before dropping off your bags.

9. Dig Into Your Destination

Although a summer road trip involves a lot of traveling, you’ll eventually reach your destination. This shouldn’t just be a place to turn around: Spend at least a day or two enjoying the activities it has to offer.

Look up an event calendar or a “what to do in our city” for your destination. Plug some of the cities into your own online calendar, but be flexible. You may wind up deciding to do something else, and that’s OK.

There’s a reason the summer road trip is an American staple: You can just go without mondo-planning. Put the pedal to the metal, and the end of your summer will be a blast. Just be sure to keep your calendar in tow so you don’t spin your wheels.

Image Credit: cleyton ewerton; pexels; thank you!